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My Roadies Journey By Raghu Ram Pdf Free Download [2022-Latest]




The Indian Super League is now the talk of the town. The first batch of players to be freed from the shackles of their clubs are in town, ready to compete for a share of the league’s lucrative prize money. Firing up first on the bandwagon is the always controversial Raghu Ram. The name “Ram” does not necessarily make you think of a pillar of virtue. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. A man, who is as famous for his tempers as his terrible form on the field, is the kind of person that you’d never guess would become a hero to his fellow players. The story of how the ‘Roadie’ emerged from a staggering record as the most incompetent player on television is one of the most inspiring stories we’ve seen in a while. From shattering a table to breaking his marriage, Raghu Ram is an epitome of what makes a good story. Raghu Ram’s life was a roller-coaster ride, filled with tribulations that turned him into the scum of the entire cricketing world. Born in the holy town of Allahabad, the city of sacred rivers, Ram had a rough start in life. “I was a very naughty boy, I was always getting into trouble. I was a very naughty kid. I used to have temper tantrums. I used to get very bad grades in school. I’d get beaten up a lot. I used to fight a lot in my neighbourhood. I used to play cricket and I used to play on the street. It was just a normal kid from a normal neighbourhood.” An angry and naughty child who was unable to get along with anyone, Ram was driven to the verge of destruction. The obsession with cricket, which was barely three years old at that time, was the first to see him into trouble. “I used to play in the neighbourhood and there was a boy named Satish. His father had a friend whose father was my dad’s friend. They were very close friends and Satish used to help my dad with his car. I remember, in school, he used to come to play cricket. I used to play football with my friends. But, when he came to play cricket, he just used to break the school. He’d smash the school and I’d get punished by the school. “




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My Roadies Journey By Raghu Ram Pdf Free Download [2022-Latest]

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